Walkers handmade chocolate truffles

This last week I've had such a crazy week and to come home to a parcel is always fun, specially when its something edible. A box of Walkers handmade luxurious and delicate truffles were waiting for me. 

Walkers are traditional handmade chocolates made with love from the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. Walkers chocolates use the finest of ingredients, locally sourced where possible. What I love about these chocolates is that all the collections are inspired by the best English and continental chocolate traditions and feature nostalgic heritage flavours. 

The chocolates are beautifully boxed, and presented with a truffle collection flavour card. I received a box of 15 Swiss style velvety smooth truffles.

1. Champagne Truffle- This white chocolate was a nice mix of fresh cream ganache, and marc de champagne a melt in the mouth.

2. Baileys Truffle- A delicious milk chocolate truffle mixed with the classic taste of Baileys which creates a light and beautiful liqueur chocolate, even if you don't like Baileys I guarantee you'll enjoy this chocolate as it has just the right amount of liqueur.

3. Amaretto Truffle- I'm not a fan of dark chocolate but this dark chocolate truffle has a splash of Amaretto which combined makes a nice truffle.

4. Cointreau Truffle- Another dark chocolate truffle with a velvety smooth ganache with a twist of cointreau, decorated with white chocolate on the top, this truffle was again very nice although I do not tend to like dark chocolate.

5. Cappuccino Truffle- Decorated with dark and white chocolate on the top, this smooth creamy coffee ganahe hand finished in milk chocolate was very nice and created a range of different tastes in the mouth.

6. Brandy Truffle- I wasn't a fan of this dark chocolate truffle filled with a warm punch of brandy, this is perhaps because I don't tend to like dark chocolate and I felt the taste of brandy was quite strong.

7. Kirsch Truffle- Wrapped in pink shiny foil, this dark chocolate had a delicately creamy, soft truffle centre with a dash of Kirsch was nice but not a favourite of mine as I am not a fan of Kirsch and dark chocolate.

8. Giandula Truffle- A favourite of mine, this smooth hazelnut ganache, rolled into sugar to give a mouthwatering taste. It was sooo good.

9. Grand Marnier Truffle- A bright orange chocolate truffle which made the box that every bit more colourful had a soft white ganache filling, lavishly laced with Grand Marnier.

10. Peppermint Truffle- A different unique truffle, filled with fresh cream ganache infused with peppermint oil for an adventurous full on flavour.
11. Rum Truffle- A classic dark chocolate truffle with a strong kick of dark rum, I gave this one to my dad and he thoroughly enjoyed it and asked for the box...I simply replied, 'You can try more when the lovely owner and chocolatier Rob Walker sends some more'

12. Champagne Truffle- Champagne and chocolate are a girls best friend this beautiful combination worked well together as I have described it above. This box came with two and I'm happy that it did!

13. Plain Truffle- Plain and simple rich dark chocolate with a smooth ganache centre.

14. Vanilla Truffle- A yummy milk chocolate truffle with a contrasting dark chocolate design, infused with a vanilla creamy ganache.

15. Milk Truffle- A classic milk chocolate favourite with a fresh cream ganache, absolutely delicious.

How can it be that this Walkers box of truffles was so easy to finish, they were all gone in a day, as I did let my family try half of each chocolate as I was the main one tasting and their comments were as follows, 'please order another', 'best truffles I've ever eaten', 'do you have another box?'. Yes, their all right these chocolate truffles were divine and I can't wait for Rob Walker to send me some more to try.

Don't expect to receive the same truffles as I did in your box, because Walkers chocolates are handmade each day, and so the contents of each box will vary, which makes it that every bit more exciting.

Walkers have 7 different collections:
  • The Love Collection.
  • The Heritage Collection.
  • The Signature Collection.
  • The Truffle Collection.
  • The Connoisseur Collection.
  • The Taster Collection
  • Something a Little Different. 
Enjoy chocolate this Christmas, and order online before the end of November and receive a 10% discount!

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