Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012

A beautiful carousel provided the backdrop to Louis Vuitton creative director Marc Jacobs's sugary-sweet collection, as modeled by dear friend Kate Moss.
Kate Moss closes the show today at Louis Vuitton during Paris Fashion Week

The last time we saw Kate moss walk for Louis Vuitton, she wore a fetish-themed leather outfit and lit a cigarette on the runway. But this time there was no cigarette- just a carousel of 48 horses, one for every model, each of whom looked adorable, in their sugar almond coloured princess dresses and twinkly skirt suits.

If you like sweetness and light, this was a heavenly constellation of prettiness. There would have been more of it, but Vuitton had already booked the biggest carousel in Paris, so Jacobs had to edit the collection down to 48 outfits.


Models carried monogrammed umbrellas, the new must-have accessory.


Arm Candy: Louis Vuitton's handbags will no doubt be a sell out-hit.

Jacobs staged a fairground-themed show with models riding a constructed carousel.

Take a bow Jacobs.

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