The Pure Indulgence Box...Paul Wayne Gregory

 Firstly, chocolate is not only a simple pleasure it is one which is also the most enjoyable and addictive. I am so excited to blog about these fine chocolates, but firstly let me give you a brief introduction behind the great chocolatier Paul Wayne Gregory.

The chocolatier has over 20 years experience in the catering industry. For Paul Wayne Gregory, chocolate is everything. From its raw ingredients to the effect it has on the taste in your mouth, Paul Gregory's delight is to create an indulgence for you to remember forever. Wayne gets all his ingredients with a great deal of care an attention to detail, how flavours and textures blend and compliment each other. Only natural products are used, with no artificial food colourings or compounds. Each individual chocolate is beautifully made and presented and looks as good as it tastes. 

As is was chocolate week last week, I was lucky enough to be sent Paul Wayne Gregory's multi-award winning signature box. Each chocolate, has only one flavour so they are pure as well as being indulgent. 12 indulgent ingredients were taken and chocolate spoke for themselves, carefully mixed with a blend of chocolate to achieve the perfect balance and sought only to enhance the flavours, never to over-power them.

When I opened my postal package the smell of the chocolate was unbelievable. The pure indulgence box was carefully packed away and the chocolate box was beautifully packaged in a grey and pink box with 'indulgence is everything' on the top. When i opened the box, the chocolates were encased in a plastic covering looking that extra bit beautiful, they were all lined-up wonderfully, each in an oblong format with the slightest difference in the designs on the top of each chocolate to allow you to refer to the menu and select each in turn.

I referred to the booklet that came with the chocolate and it gives me a bit of history about Paul Wayne Gregory and his chocolates, and then the tasting started. Each chocolate had a different taste, there are 12 different flavours: 
    Passion Fruit
    Salted Caramel
    Praline Crunch
    Praline Crunch                                

    Blue Mountain Coffee
    Vanilla Pod
    Dark Rum
    Spiced Praline

    From the first crisp, crunch, bite you are left with a mouth full of flavour in your mouth leaving you wanting more, but each after each you are so satisfied with that amazing taste in your mouth and can't wait to try the next flavour. These 12 delicious, creamy, truffle-style chocolates taste as good as they look and are presented, with minimal percentage of sugars being added to enhance the natural flavours of the main ingredients. 

    Paul Wayne Gregory pure indulgence chocolates make amazing grifts for any occasion or just an indulgence for you or someone special. You can buy these fine chocolates online, or at Harvey Nichols. Wayne also celebrates in the 21st century modern and stylish way of leaving a great impression for your event, party, function with chocolate artistry, an example is shown below: breath taking.

    Paul Wayne Gregory
    'Indulgence is everything'

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