Chocolate week for me was a great week I was sent luxurious chocolate from all around the world. From chocolatier Gabor Maszaros I was sent 3 bars of chocolate dark, white and milk.

Owner of ChocoMe Ltd is Gabor Maszaros, who works as a chocolatier at the company and at the same time is the only person in charge of the production, the logistics, marketing management and business development. ChocoMe was established in 2010 for a purpose to create the perfect bar of chocolate. Since perfect is different for everyone, ChocoMe gives you the opportunity to create over 60 million variations of uniquely designed, customised chocolate bars.

The first chocolate bar was callebaut white chocolate with crystallised jasmine fragments, almonds, and freezer dried peach. Callebaut white chocolate is rich in Bourbon Vanilla with a 100% cocoa butter content and is made from specially selected cocoa beans. The chocolate bar is beautifully packaged and looks incredible, I opened the package and could smell the pure chocolate, mixed with the scent of peach. Now for the tasting, I broke a piece off and it gave a sharp cracking sound, caused by the crystal structure of cocoa butter. I put the piece into my mouth, and taste the various toppings which all blend together really nicely...extremely yummy.

I drank some water and ate some apple to refresh my mouth and I was on to the next, arriba milk chocolate with 23 karat edible gold, crystallised violet petal, and coconut shavings. Arriba milk chocolate, is made with Arriba cocoa beans and is exclusively grown in the Andes Mountains. The chocolate bar is again beautifully packaged full of colours purple, gold, and white. I broke off a piece and again the variations of the toppings are incredible the edible gold, violet petals and coconut shavings fit so well together. Unfortunately, the only picture I had of this chocolate bar was off ChocoMe because in the space of me opening the chocolate bar, having a piece and going downstairs my sister gobbled up the rest of the chocolate!!

The final chocolate bar for tasting was the fortune finest selection dark chocolate with cinnamon-crystallised rose petals, and freezer dried sour cherry. The reds and crystallised toppings really stood out on the dark chocolate. I don't tend to eat dark chocolate but I had to try it as the milk and white chocolate bars had been so exquisite. The dominant cocoa aroma was strong as I took the chocolate out of the packaging, I broke off a small piece and put it in my mouth, a strong dominant dark cocoa with a mixed bitter sweet taste with the taste of cinnamon and the dried sour cherry were all the flavours I had in my mouth. This dark chocolate was very surprising, but very good and left me wanting more.

Each ChocoMe chocolate is a promise for something visually different and aesthetically pleasing. On the website, you can design your own personalised chocolate bar:

1. Choose a chocolate bar base: dark, milk or white chocolate.
2. Choose from various toppings to customise your bar.
3. Use your imagination and give your chocolate a name.
4. Choose the preferred form of delivery and payment.

This is a amazing and unique idea for you or a gift as you can also buy an electronic gift card. I would definitely reccomend ChocoMe, I can't wait to try more creations and design my own chocolate bar.

Koszonon (thank you in Hungarian) Gabir Maszaros.

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