The Big Easy

Last night one of my best friends and I went for dinner at The Big Easy, located on the Kings Road, London.
It's gotten amazing reviews in The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Time out etc...and we were left extremely well fed and happy.
Hosting live music, an American diner entrance greets you as you walk through the door, a decor that promotes laid back relaxed eating it is with no surprise that it is packed and full of happy diners, most of which are regulars.
All the food is American and you're presented with the menu and told today's specials. Terminally indecisive, we asked for some starters, chose lobster as our main, and had their famous frozen Jose Cuervo gold frozen margarita which came free with our meal.
The starters came and the portions were huge, definitely live up to their motto of 'good food served right'. The waitress then came and put on our 'bibs' for our main course so that we didn't get ourselves all dirty which was hilarious as we were there posing for the camera. The margaritas were also so delicious we ordered another!
All in all, the food was good. We were so full that there was no space for dessert.
On the whole it was a very nice atmosphere and lived up to the hype. I will definitely be going back to try out some more of there dishes.

My friend Pamela wearing her 'bib' unfortunately my pictures came out blurred :(


Boo the Pomeranian: 'World's cutest dog'

This is a random post but I'm in love take a look at five-year old Pomeranian Boo isn't he the cutest?! Since Boo's Facebook page launched in 2009, he has gone viral, Boo has nearly two million fans, receiving thousands of new fans a day.

His owner who has concealed her identity and location in the U.S. told Time magazine:'My friends loved looking at pictures of him. We started the first Facebook page as a joke.' Boo's unique look is down to an happy accident- his long hair was so knotted, it had to be shaved off.

Just watch this video below and fall in love <3

A new blog

A new Blog. Somewhere to empty my thoughts and document my days.