New Year's Eve Cocktail: Cosmopolitan

If the Martini is the Godfather of all cocktails, a Cosmopolitan must be the heir to his empire. Tasty, and good looking this is ideal for a New Year's Eve party starter.

Preparation: You should store your vodka in the freezer, along with your Martini glasses- this keeps everything ice cold.

Recipe (per drink)
5cl of vodka
1cl Cointreau
2cl Cranberry juice
A drop of lime juice
Ice cubes
A cocktail shaker

Method: Pour all the ingredients into the shaker, and shake, shake, shake and strain into the glass.



Wishing you the timeless treasure of Christmas.

The warmth of home, the love of family and the company of good friends.

Have a blessed and meaningful Christmas full of Joy and Happiness.


Elf-sized donuts

This post is for the little ones this Christmas, something special to put beside Santa's milk and cookies. Do it yourself Elf- sized donuts. 

To make your Elf-sized donuts you'll need the following:
Chocolate (milk or dark)
A small match box or pill box.

Put some milk or dark chocolate in the microwave for about a minute or less. Then carefully dip the cheerio in to the melted chocolate and then sprinkle some sprinkles on top. Make sure you still have the hole in the middle, if you don't then just poke it through with the end of a match stick. Then leave to dry. Do this with different sprinkles or you can just even dip them in chocolate and leave to dry. Once they're ready put them  in to a match box or pill box and if you want to you can decorate your match box. I just put some ribbon to make it that little bit more prettier and festive.

The big donut is from Krispy Kreme and beside it is Melanie'd Elf-sized donut. This is a really cute and fun idea for the kids to get them ready for Christmas.


This Season Cleavage is the new black.

Christmas Party Season gets closer, and the plunging necklines get lower. In the world of fashion, dresses with plunging necklines are all the rage on the catwalks AW/11.


Firstly, for those brave enough to take the plunge, you need some support. The amazing wonderbra has introduced its deepest cleavage bra to date. For those brave enough to wear the daring necklines, the ultimate plunge bra promises to do away with the need for tape.

'With the Wonderbra ultimate plunge bra, girls can have the confidence to embrace the plunging neckline trend.' 

The £32 bra comes in nude and black sizes 32A to 38DD and you can buy it online from

Secondly, with more flesh on display this means more lady lumps to fret about.
So it's no secret that the décolleté area reveals a lot about a woman, signs of sun damage and ageing skin are very common but this doesn't have to be the case because Titanic Spa, the UK's first eco-spa, have introduced to their online beauty boutique, the perfect sculpt bust beautifying toning gel by Decleor.

This unique beauty product contains an exclusive cocktail of eight active Essential Oils, plus Phyto-Firm Complex, which together work effectively to keep the bust and décolleté firm, lifted and smooth. 

Buy online Decleor's Perfect Sculpt Bust beautifying toning gel.

What are you waiting for get daring and start plunging those necklines.

Christmas Season Party Tips

1. Rely on the anytime dress: simple black prom style is great for any shape or size.

2. How to transform from your office to bar? Via the emergency fashion stored in your desk drawer: red lipstick, black high heels, blotting sheets and talcum powder.

< This red lipstick has a tinge of orange in it, making it oh so trendy yet it is surprisingly wearable on all skin tones. It also stays on all night, and smells so good you want to eat it. (Dolce and Gabanna The make up lipstick in Venere). Go online to find your nearest store locator.

< This is a little trick that i learned and works every time use a little talcum powder on your hair to give your hair more volume, specially if it  is looking a little bit 'greasy'. Johnson's baby powder can be found in most pharmacies and supermarkets.

3. Sudocrem facial 24 hours in advance before the big occasion to avoid breakouts.

< Spread a thin layer of sudocrem all over your face before you go to sleep which will leave your skin feeling smooth and spot free the next morning. You can buy sudocrem from all most anywhere; Sainsburys, Teccos, pharmacies etc..

4. Nothing is more glamourous than a 1940s fur or feather shrug.

5. It sounds so easy but remember to add a to a tuxedo a jazzy handkerchief in your top pocket.

6. Very important invest in a black silk pair of socks.

7. Underwear that works under any dress is a great multifunctional purchase.

< Wonderbra Multi-Plunge bra you can wear this bra 100 ways and it comes in nude and black its fantastic. Buy now at

8. My best beauty product which is great and should always be on hand is Elizabeth Arden's eight hour cream.

< Use to tame fly away hairs and add dewy sheen to cheeks and lips. Go online now to find your nearest stockist.

9. Spritz a LITTLE fragrance behind your ears, you'll smell amazing hen you lean in to talk to people.

10. Stay clear of freshly washed hair if your planning an up-do- it won't hold well.


Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming and it's all around us!! The songs on the radio, the lights in the street, and the freezing weather as soon as you step outside!