Midnight Drive!

Last night I was tweeting away on twitter and one of my girlfriends suggested going for a midnight drive so she picked up our other girlfriend, picked me up and we headed out...

So ok, I know as a general lifestyle blogger, my job is to show you new fashions, trends, events, beautiful food, and places. But this post is about somewhere totally random that isn't beautiful, fancy or new it's a 24 hours, 7 days a week crazy American diner.
Crazy in a good way!
This is my favourite diner if you need a feeding at crazy o'clock in London. The food is standard American diner. The main attraction besides the opening hours are the milkshakes, most of which are made of random chocolates/sweets/food that you wouldn't normally eat but are somehow acceptable in a milkshake- YUMMY!

So if your out late, or just needing a feeding at a crazy hour head to Tinstletown. 

You'll love me!

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