Naughty Nutella Cheesecake

Naughty nutella cheesecake is embarrassingly easy to make and the sort of count-no-calories indulgence that this cold weather demands.

To make four individual cheesecakes you will need:

25 digestive biscuits
150grams melted unsalted butter
150grams cream cheese
200grams whipping cream
1/2 jar of Nutella
Whipping cream (for decoration)

Start by crushing your digestives. Put them into a food processor or in a plastic bag and just beat it!

When you have your crushed biscuits, pour in your melted butter. Mix well and this will be your buttery biscuit base for your cheesecake.
Put a couple of table spoons in to the base of each pot and pat down.
Place your pots in to the fridge and get started on your topping.
Whisk your whipped cream until its all fluffy.

Now beat in your Nutella and cream cheese.

Take your pots out of the fridge and spoon on your topping, and pop them in to the fridge for about 2 and a half hours. When your ready to serve them put a little but of whipped cream on top and a hazelnut to make them pretty. And there you go perfect naughty nutella cheesecakes ENJOY!


  1. These look scrumptious! You should definitely write more recipe posts.