Glossybox.co.uk combines three of my favourite things..Surprises, post, and cosmetics. Glossybox specialises in bringing you the latest cosmetic and beauty trends.
You sign up online, and once a month, you'll get a beautiful parcel delivered to your door.

You rummage through crinkly pretty filling to find beauty products hidden beneath.

This is Glossybox's Valentine's box for January and it definitely doesn't disappoint.

The box comes with a nice card, explaining this months box, and special discounts you can use to buy the products.

All in all, a lovely beautiful idea, well executed.
You can sign up here  and if you sign up for the year it works out cheaper than paying every month £10.
I think its a fair price for some full sized products, and good sample sized products, it gives you the excitement of something to open every month.


  1. Looks amazing! I think I'm gonna have to subscribe :)

  2. it's really good i like getting deliveries through every month :D