Elf-sized donuts

This post is for the little ones this Christmas, something special to put beside Santa's milk and cookies. Do it yourself Elf- sized donuts. 

To make your Elf-sized donuts you'll need the following:
Chocolate (milk or dark)
A small match box or pill box.

Put some milk or dark chocolate in the microwave for about a minute or less. Then carefully dip the cheerio in to the melted chocolate and then sprinkle some sprinkles on top. Make sure you still have the hole in the middle, if you don't then just poke it through with the end of a match stick. Then leave to dry. Do this with different sprinkles or you can just even dip them in chocolate and leave to dry. Once they're ready put them  in to a match box or pill box and if you want to you can decorate your match box. I just put some ribbon to make it that little bit more prettier and festive.

The big donut is from Krispy Kreme and beside it is Melanie'd Elf-sized donut. This is a really cute and fun idea for the kids to get them ready for Christmas.

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